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If You Are Thinking About Remodeling Your Kitchen You Must Read “Facing Down Remodeling Stigma”.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen I would highly recommend that you read this article. I always send this to my clients when we first meet and it contains some of my mantras as a kitchen remodeler professional. If we ever have the pleasure of meeting you might hear me reciting some parts of the article.

Here are my favorite segments:

“good remodeling companies should be able to articulate the value they bring beyond being the cheapest.”

“clearly define the timeline with your client during the design process.”

“we do all that we can on the paper end of design so that everything is as clearly defined as possible and our clients are ecstatic about what is planned.”

“We frequently offer the Cost vs. Value report [from Zonda Media, which also owns JLC] that shows average costs of remodeling projects in our area and the average recoup value of the improvement.”

You can always hold us accountable on these factors!


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