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Lighten Up Your Kitchen Design With Floating Shelves

Chances are, you have an unused corner in your kitchen that you want to feel lighter!

Floating shelves are a great way to lighten up small and large kitchens. Especially useful for long streamlined designs, floating shelves help open up spaces in contemporary style. They are not just for display; they can also be used as functional storage.

Practical use, design, natural element

Floating shelves are an excellent opportunity to incorporate a different color and finish while accentuating your design. They are especially beautiful in natural wood tones.

Floating shelves are a smart, sleek way of displaying discrete kitchen accents.

There are several options that will help you incorporate the shelves into your design. You can run the backsplash up the length of the wall (like in the picture bellow), stop halfway (like in the above picture), or stop at the bottom of the first shelf. Unique Perspective Kitchens will help you make the best decision based on your style, design and the overall look you are aiming to achieve!


They accentuate your design with elegance and provide a clean look while introducing texture and color.

Easy access to dishware and glassware.

Perfect solution for spaces where you can’t fit a cabinet or unused spaces.

You can fill them with things you love. Plants, artwork, pretty dishware and glassware, cookbooks, or even a small herb garden!


Items will always have to be neatly arranged and displayed. It takes some work to keep them looking nice.

You will also have to deal with some dust and will need to wash items that haven’t been used in a few days.

If you are replacing a section of cabinets with floating shelves you will lose some storage space.

Unique Perspective Kitchens is here to help you better utilize your space with creative ideas and functional design. Our Design Process includes High Resolution Rendering that will assist you to visualize your future kitchen. Contact us today to schedule a visit.


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